Cooker Munchen cheap imports

induction heating works on the principle of electromagnetic induction. Therefore, the kitchen does not smoke, safety, fire restrictions. Kitchen surfaces are usually made of high-grade heat-resistant glass or porcelain makes it very easy to clean, even cooking. The temperature adjustment buttons for various functions: porridge, soup, soups, fried, fried … is controlled via the LCD screen and a number of other utility functions such as self timer off.

The comparison shows that the heating performance of different types of kitchen, including kitchen from higher fuel stoves: specific gas stove is 40%, 48% alcohol stove, microwave is 70% , kitchen and reached to 90%. The capacity of the kitchen often at 1.800W-2.000W big power consumption. Therefore, to ensure safety, to use separate plug socket. Wires must withstand the load capacity from the kitchen, with minimum cross-sectional area of ​​0.75 mm2 to ensure safety. Do not use the kitchen from the power source is not stable flammable damaged electrical equipment.

Although considered highly safe stove but the user should adhere to the following points:

1. When buy foreign production kitchen with voltage 100V, want to use voltage 220V to retrofit low-voltage transformer with a capacity of 200W.

2. Relatively large capacity kitchens usually should be inspected before use. Need to calculate the total electric power consumption in the home (including electromagnetic Kitchen) how much W. Compare it with the meter can stand it or not. The family purchased electric stove must use the power meter on 5A. The plugs, sockets on the 5A private and not shared plug overlap. The wire must have a cross section of 0.75 mm2 to ensure safety must be earthed.


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