advice from professional kitchen hanoi

A few notes when using induction cooker: For kitchen away from the heat, steam, back to the kitchen, away from the wall at least 15cm away from the other animals at least 5 cm; put the pot in the specified range and then turn power switch and power adjustment potentiometer to the corresponding level. Avoid cooking pot with no food or dry roasted cracked may cause fire or rupture stovetops; finished wipe the dirt will not penetrate the electromagnetic parts. So long without packaging must be cleaned for preservation.
According to our survey, currently on the market there are many types of kitchen from: China, Taiwan-made for from 500000-800000 dong /; Vietnam-made kitchen (stove venture Vietnam – Japan, Vietnam and Italy), the “reliability” bigger should cost little more than a little: 850000-1200000 / unit, depending on the model as well as functional use of the kitchen. In general, these words have in common stoves operation: press start, select cooking mode, time, cooking temperature. Depending on the types of products that the time is set for every 5 or 10 minutes or more with temperatures of 60-2500C. However, due to the application of electromagnetic induction to heat, so after plugged in, the kitchen does not have heat. Only when iron pot or enameled iron pot over (infections are objects) and in pot of water or food, the hot new kitchen. (If using a clay pot, porcelain pot flat bottom and put in a piece of stainless iron magnetic induction can still good cooking from the kitchen).
advice from professional kitchen hanoi


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