Using electromagnetic stove efficiency

According to experts, when using the kitchen to note a number of issues such as: avoid placing the pot on a stove without food because the stove heats very quickly lead to damage of the pot as well as the equipment of the kitchen.
Because the kitchen is designed unlike other common kitchen on the contrary looks beautiful as an ornament should children often inversely so when the user should not to close the reach of children.
In principle, when the active surface electric cooker from the heat, but the bottom of the pots relatively high temperature quickly transmitted to the kitchen stove to heat up very quickly so you need to prevent burns if accidentally touched on, even if the kitchen had just finished using. On another note, install kitchen kitchen well-ventilated place to avoid false alarm (auto power off) due to high ambient temperatures.

Should not be placed near kitchen equipment such as TV, DVD, computer, radio easy to interfere with these devices … By using bếp điện từ should heat when in contact with kitchen cooking surface metal (ie steel). As the supplies of aluminum, stainless steel (not breathing), glass, crockery were not used because these animals can not generate heat when exposed to electromagnetic stove.


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