Cooker good, Consultant selected electric stove from the best fit with the family

On the market today there are many kinds of kitchen: Kitchen from negative, floating kitchen from many different vendors. When buying from the cheap you should not choose the origin is not clear, floating in the market. Following World Oriental Interior please provide some information for you to choose from when buying an electric cooker experience from

Cooker divided into two main lines:

1.DONG INDUCTION-LINES FROM SPECIAL: this is the dedicated kitchen, using mainly the kitchen equipment materials such as iron, steel, stainless steel grades from 1 to 5 (the bottom of the pots as speed much faster cooking and reduced food scorched in the cooking process). Designed keyboard are touch-touch technology like Iphone, and should be put powder coating is fade resistant. Use glass as the glass strength SCHOT Crean made it possible intense heat and Scratch-limited problem, create aesthetic.

2.DONG ingenious-fusion: this is the line of electrical products from the mixture, suitable for all materials pots (clay, porcelain, stone, glass, cast iron, aluminum, iron, steel, clay pot … ) and incorporate the ability to grill food directly on the surface of the stove. It is designed with touch keypad technology to create the product easy to use, with a combination of glass SCHOT Crean adds to the aesthetics of the campus kitchen. Kitchen wiring used Roon prevent water so customers can feel secure special use and can move anywhere, not fixed as silicon gas stove.
Comparison between the two lines on the Kitchen from more energy efficient; electronic keyboard with handy functions such as power adjustment (cooking temperature), power consumption, self-timer. The downside of it is only used to the ferromagnetic metal pot with a flat bottom and the ferromagnetic metal such as: stainless steel magnet breathing, iron nickel, iron-bottomed pot porcelain coated or enamel pot … items clay pot, heat resistant glass, pots and pans with copper or aluminum is used with electric stove is not good.

On emerging common market a new kitchen – electric stove works by induction of electric energy. With its compact design, unique features, electromagnetic stoves are the choice of many consumers.

With up to 85% thermal efficiency, cooking with electric stove will be very fast compared to other stoves. Stove does not produce smoke, avoid fire, ensuring high safety and help clean the cooking, can clean the kitchen when cooking. Cooker is durable due to the use of advanced materials, the temperature control system is accurate and secure.

Unique feature of the kitchen is the heat created from the devices will be focused on the heating plate, cooking does not heat the surrounding objects. Thus, electric stove from power saving. Kitchen has electronic keyboard with handy functions such as power adjustment (cooking temperature), power consumption, self-timer.

You can refer to one of the best-selling electric stove from the current market:

Electromagnetic 1.Bep Teka


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